5 Things I Wish I Did Before Starting My First Office Job

  1. Eskenji says:

    College was a lot of fun. But living in your own apartment?—?and making your own money?—?is even more fun. (Trust me.) There’s nothing like living in New York City in your early, but there’s also nothing more terrifying that not remembering how you got home the night before—or worse. Take better care of your body—it’s the only one you’re going to get.

    • Shessolucky says:

      Hi Eskenji,
      Couldn’t agree more I think living in an apartment on your own and making your own money is amazing. I think it is an experience in it self, learning how to handle money and be self-sufficient. There are opportunities in living at home and feeling care free for a bit but there are also countless opportunities to work and pay bills instead of being a jet setter. To each their own I suppose, there is value in all experiences if you choose to see it.

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